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Choose how you wish to see yourself.
Be wise. Choose Wavegate.

Make your pain part of the past....

Throughout recorded history, pain has been part of the human condition.  At Wavegate, we strive to make living with chronic pain part of the past.  Why? Because it's personal.

As a practicing neurosurgeon, our founder spent his career treating patients suffering from chronic pain.  This led to a first hand account of the shortcomings and triumphs of therapies applied to each patient.  The search for effective pain treatment became more poignant after his wife, Aimee, suffered a nerve injury which left her with debilitating pain-- pain which threatened her identity as an active young mother of four boys.

Spinal cord stimulation gave Aimee the relief needed to regain her self identity.  This journey sparked a passion in her husband-- to build the best and most effective spinal cord stimulator system with the goal of improving upon the human condition.

Applying his experience as a clinician, but also his training as a PhD in biomedical engineering, Dr. Wolf went on to invent several revolutionary innovations to improve pain relief and enhance the patient experience with spinal cord stimulation.  A dedicated and passionate team of engineers, scientists, and clinicians have joined our cause and Wavegate Corporation was born.

If you have chronic pain, check with your doctor to see whether spinal cord stimulation may be a good option for you.  We are working tirelessly to bring Wavegate's Ellipse spinal cord stimulation platform to market in 2027.

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