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Designed by Clinicians, for Clinicians. And Patients.

Where unmet clinical needs meet solutions.

At Wavegate, we have boldly reimagined neuromodulation.  Building a spinal cord stimulation system from the ground up allows us to systematically address previously unmet clinical needs. The Ellipse spinal cord stimulator platform embodies these solutions, making it the most advanced SCS platform available.  Most importantly, Wavegate strives to deliver best-in-class relief of chronic pain for our customer, your patient.

StimuLux Optical Active Loop Technology

Open-loop spinal cord stimulator platforms deliver a defined current at the electrode array contacts.  The actual current delivered to the target neurons within the spinal cord varies with patient position due to spinal cord motion within the subarachnoid space.  Closed-loop technologies modulate stimulation current to maintain a consistent dose of current applied to the spinal cord.


Competing eCAP closed-loop systems require time consuming setup and their use is limited to paresthesia-based stimulation paradigms.  


Wavegate's StimuLux optical Active Loop technology provides simple plug-and-play setup and is applicable to all stimulation paradigms.

Spread Spectrum Stimulation

Wavegate's Spread Spectrum Stimulation (S-Cubed) paradigm delivers energy over a broad frequency spectrum in randomized fashion to activate populations of target neurons within the spinal cord.  Competing systems deliver a defined frequency.

Imagine whether the spinal cord would rather listen to the ocean or a mosquito?

Randomized Dichotomous Stimulation (RDS)

Conventional spinal cord stimulation modulates the ascending pain pathways. Wavegate's patented Randomized Dichotomous Stimulation paradigm harvests the power of somatosensory event-related evoked potentials to also activate descending pain-inhibitory tracts via the MPC-ACC-PAG-RVM-DH pathway. 

Bidirectional modulation of spinal cord pain pathways is anticipated to result in better efficacy while resisting treatment tachyphylaxis.

Super Ellipse Shape for Comfort

Pocket site pain is a common complication of spinal cord stimulation and is due to surface contact pressure between the implant and the surrounding soft tissue.  By adopting the super ellipse shape of a pebble, Wavegate's Ellipse implantable generator has the lowest surface contact pressure in the industry.

Nature invented the shape.... we just borrowed it.

Extended Battery Capacity

Patients love to charge their SCS battery about as much as you love to charge your electric vehicle.  That's why we have incorporated an advanced chemistry, high-capacity battery. Ultra low power electronic chipsets provide the efficiency which translates to unequaled recharge intervals.  


With the Ellipse system, expect a sonata, not just an aria.  .


Fast Charging

Wavegate's Ellipse system speeds battery charging through a combination of proprietary electronics, advanced thermal management, and ceramic composite casing.  

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