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IRB Approval for SCDS

June 14, 2019- Lake Charles, LA. Wavegate Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce receipt of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of the Spinal Cord Displacement Study (SCDS). This MRI-based study, in collaboration with Open Air MRI of Lake Charles, will seek to determine the amount of motion experienced by the spinal cord during postural changes.

Prior studies show that the spinal cord moves forward and backward in the prone and supine positions, respectively. This is known to affect the amplitude of spinal cord stimulation at a fixed intensity.

The SCDS study will serve to confirm existing knowledge of spinal cord motion within the spinal canal, but will expand upon this knowledge to elucidate the extent of motion from side-to-side. It is known that lateral offset as little as 1 mm between the spinal cord and the electrode array can have an adverse impact on the pattern of spinal cord stimulation. Wavegate's StimuLux (TM) technology is capable of tracking spinal cord motion in both the sagittal and coronal planes, making StimuLux (TM) uniquely effective for closed-loop adaptive spinal cord stimulation.

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